Spectral Change is focused on analysing all wine barrels during the wine maturity stage after harvest.

Spectral Change have developed proprietary software, analytics, and food-grade devices. This gives winemakers a clear insight into grape quality and the maturity of wine across every barrel, in an unobtrusive model, such that the age-old process of wine making can continue, with a next-generation “IoT” solution.

Why does this matter?

Wine barrel sampling rates are between 3% and 5% at any one time, meaning there is an information-blind-spot.

Wine making is a blend of science-and-art, and insights into the wine changes to optimise the quality, reputation and value creation for wineries. This is a constant demand across the industry.

The biological, temperature, and other environmental variations during wine maturation all require various inputs ranging from barrel rotation, addition of elements to counter variances, top up, etc. All of these equal labour costs, potential product quality costs, product downgrade costs, and product volume reductions.

Spectral Change brings a real-time, digitised system to the palm of the wine maker, by monitoring every barrel in real-time to optimise the wine making process, the wine making quality, and overall wine quality.

The Team

We are a blend of scientists (biology, physics and chemistry), wine lovers, and technical-commercialisation folk, who want to help wine makers get next generation tools into their hands, and to make more good quality wine for all of us to enjoy! It’s that simple. We also have some great wine making friends who are helping us get the solution exactly how they want it.